Debat 2: Beyond Capitalism

Dr. Enzo Rossi – UvA
Prof. Martin van Hees – VU

Moderator Iris Hirschel

Should we get rid of Capitalism? What does Capitalism actually mean? And, can we envision an alternative for it? Two radically opposed thinkers may help you to give answers to these pressing questions of our time.

Enzo Rossi devotes his work and live (#maagdenhuisrevolution) to critizising the system we live in. According to him ‘we did socialism, we did capitalism and it still is a mess.’ Martin van Hees may be the only –certainly one of the few- academic libertarians in the Netherlands. He believes ‘Capitalism’ as such doesn’t exist and argues that (most) critisisms of ‘ the market’ aren’t justified. He has his own interesting ideas on how to protect and enhance our freedom of choice.